4 things you’ll never believe I put in this test article

#3 will make your family disown you!

There’s a lot of crazy things out there in the world of gaming, but I don’t intend to write about any of them.  I want to test out inserting photos in future articles.  This is another sentence to complete the paragraph.

#4: The stretchiness

That’s right, some unscrupulous opponents will use tape measures with a secret flexible mesh (often a spandex blend) to turn a 6″ charge into an 8″ charge.  Watch out for that.  Controversial opinion here, but I think that Spandex should be used for yoga pants, not cheating at tabletop games.  Ready for a picture of something unrelated?  Here we go:

This is Alternative Text

Nice, right?

Hopefully this won’t look awful on a cell phone.


#3: The secret

Actually, our lawyer has advised us not to post this one online, but if you want to find the truth, meet us at The Docks at 23:00 tonight.  We’ll be there, waiting.

Your halberd should look like this.

Please bring your halberd (so we know it’s you).


#2: The deception

If you’re familiar with Chess, then you’re familiar with the concept of “castling”, wherein the King and the Rook can switch positions if neither has yet moved that game.  Well, in the 40k community, it’s widely accepted that this can also be done with your Warlord and a purchased fortification.  Warlord hasn’t moved yet?  Go ahead and swap places with that Fortress of Redemption.  It’s tournament-legal.

Actually that’s not true.  It was a deception.  You’re such a gullible idiot for believing that, lol.


#1: The second deception

There is no #1.  There never was.

Just kidding.  It’s you.  You’re #1.  You honor us with your presence.  Sorry about calling you an idiot earlier–that was uncalled for.